1. Recognize the Super Market Workers Day of February 22
Early in in the year, make plans to recognize the Super Market day. Craft your celebration that would work for your operations. Make sure your whole management teams save the date too so they can be sure to be in as many stores as possible that day simply sharing their thanks in person.

2. Gift your workers
Create posters, stickers, banners, t-shirts, mugs – whatever works to treat your stars that they are appreciated. Check out the templates, posters, infographics and the online store organized for you.

3. Share a Family Meal for Employees
Grocery workers go out of their way to make sure consumers are satisfied, and on a special day, they deserve your thanks. Show your appreciation for these hard-working humans like providing breakfast, lunch, and take-home meals for their families.

4. Thank you notes
Because supermarket employees do a lot for us each day, it’s only right you say thank you. Take a few minutes to write a quick note/email/newsletter thanking your grocery store employees for their help. Chances are they won’t expect it, but certainly appreciate it.

5. Capture the Fun and share on Social Media
Build photos into your celebrations—maybe a selfie wall next to a Supermarket Hero graphic? Share messages on social media using appropriate social media tags.