These are frequently asked questions in the WhatsApp group

1. Problem is you don't even state the company name. We would be able to make background checks on it to determine if it's genuine or not
These orders are from different licensed companies. Once you are ready for a particular order, then you are presented to the company for that order.

2. Is there any way you can list for us those recruitment companies please
Orders come at different times and from different companies. You get introduced to the company one you are ready. Call/WhatsApp Simon on 0704 214761 or 0778 980778 when ready.

3. When do u know that one is ready?
Set a day and come physically to discuss with the representative. Call or inbox Simon

4. How much is registration fee?
Your input takes care of that but there is additional fees, then these are communicated when you come ready to start the process.

5. Those who are far and are interested, how can they be helped.
We set up whatsapp video calls to support you

6. Can I call when I have done my medical examinations.
It is good to know your medical status before you come. But the recruiting company will have to do its own medical examination on you.

7. Is lafab Solutions Ltd a licenced company for labour export?
2021 Laws of Ministry Gender Labour Social Development allows other Companies to work as sourcing companies through registered MOUs with the Ministry to work with Licensed Companies. We sign MOUs with these companies. These orders are from Licensed Companies. So, what you have to verify through the is the partner company.

8. Do I pay any money to Lafab Solutions?
No! Lafab Solutions does not receive any money from those who have interest to work abroad. All money is paid to the Licensed partner company.